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Adam Steiner

Dr. Adam P. Steiner is a neuroscientist with an expansive career that spans academia, the biomedical industry, neuroethics, and neurolaw. He was the first to identify brain-based correlates of regret in non-human animals (rats can experience regret, applying human constructs to calculation-based neuroeconomics in animals), and his interests bridge neuroethics/neurolaw, concussion communication/educational STEM outreach, consumer-based neurotechnologies, and the teaching of neurosciences. Dr. Steiner has been involved in many collaborative interdisciplinary contributions, fostering cohesive dialogues between seemingly disparate fields. Dr. Steiner has continually engaged in the application and development of neuroscience, technology, and society through collaborations with the biomedical industry. Beyond the technical, his background experiences include the legal and ethical implications of neuroscience, informed by experiences with the MacArthur Foundation’s Network on Law and Neuroscience. He is a long-time collaborator of the Shen Neurolaw Lab, addressing a wide range of neurolaw questions: Neuroscience, technology, ethics, and education are at the heart of his interests. He is committed to driving innovation in neurotechnology while ensuring that advancements are grounded in ethical considerations and can be effectively communicated and understood across disciplines.